• Preparation of prepared food directly on the customer's territory;
  • Delivery of meals to the offices and organization of nutrition;
  • Delivery of food to the construction sites and organization of nutrition;
  • Organizing and opening kitchens (mobile kitchens).

Catering may also be arranged in the area provided by you, or we may offer different locations according to your requirements (capacity, location, interior, etc.).

The specialized Catering system will amaze your staff and will provide you with a variety of nutritious meals 24/7 that will fit your budget, of course. 

The menu options offered to you include the foods you want and the price you want. You can make changes accordingly.

Rusel Catering has the strongest and most comprehensive base for achieving positive results in the catering market. This base is supplied with the highest quality food products of famous world brands.

We are a professional mobile services company that provides the best services and imports high quality food products from the world's best manufacturers. The feedback from our customers and partners, their appreciation of our work and the fact that more and more customers are applying for these services has once again proved this. 

Despite the fact that Rusel Catering has been operating for a short time in the catering industry, we are fully proud of the high level of service offered and the strong business and friendly relations we have with our partners! Currently, our company cooperates with a number of leading companies in Azerbaijan and other countries.